Who's a Petoo you ask?

Petoo pronounced as "Pay-too" is a word used in Hindi, Bengali, Oriya and in a few other Indian languages to denote someone who loves good food.

A Petoo is often confused with a Motu. A Petoo however is not unhealthy, it just refers to anyone who loves great food, is a connoisseur of sugar, spices and is not afraid to use the "F" word when she is happy, sad or just nonchalant.

India is a country which spells variety in food, our cuisines are complicated but is loved by foodies throughout the world. Despite this fact we do not have any global or for that matter a pan Indian brand serving great Indian food.

In 2015 we started on this mission to bring to Indian cuisine the respect it deserves by building the world's largest and the most loved Indian food brand. A brand which is synonymous with great consistent Indian food throughout the world. We embarked on our mission by closely observing 100s of Indian restaurants and by speaking to 1000s of customers in various cities. We realised the fundamental gaps which plague the industry and hence dedicated ourselves in building Petoo as a new-age value plus brand with food science serving as its core.

We take pride in being a brand built around traditional dishes but we also understand the aspirations of the new India. We have developed ways to make our amazing traditional dishes with a modern twist for the ever-evolving needs of a young Indian. All our procedures is backed by science and devoid of any artificial coloring or chemicals. This makes our food consistent, high in quality, tasty, natural, healthy and ready to be served within minutes!

We know that everyone is born a foodie. We believe that you can enjoy food without being too worried about your health. Indian food is traditionally one of the most balanced meals and we strive to bring that to you in its best possible way i.e without excess oil, spices or artificial flavours.

Do walk into a near by Petoo to enjoy the best of traditional Indian dishes with a modern twist. Our outlets offer a contemporary ambience, where you can bond over food and conversation with family and friends. Hope to see you soon!